Amazique Stainless Steel Mens Ring

Amazique Stainless Steel Mens Ring

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These amazing and beautiful men's rings are perfect for Wedding Rings or Engagement rings.

These are made from Tungsten Carbide. The detail is in the wood inlay around the ring. This is real wood and there is not other ring on the market.

These rings are very unique. The tungsten outer ring is very sturdy and durable. Perfect metal selection for men. Then it is detailed with hand selected wood. This wood is crafted by hand to inlay with in the ring.

The wood you see here is a darker wood - Amazique. From a country called Equatorial Guinea located in West Africa - located between Camaroon and Gabon.

How we Select the wood

Mills take rare trees brake down to sell. We come along and work with local mills or mills around the world and pick up the straps. These scraps are big enough or small enough to fit into a ring. We like to think we are helping out the environment. We also like to think we like to share the rare beauty of the environment with you. We think of ways we can bring the worldly secrets into a ring. When so many rare woods get thrown away or go into a fire - we pick up the anything we can. These wood scraps are then placed and we shave off and made into veneer. This makes them thin enough to bend and mold to our Men's rings. We love creating beautiful things - we love bring nature to you in the form of a ring.

Wood Type: Amazique
Worldly Location: Equatorial Guinea - West Africa
Metals Type: Tungsten
Surface Width: 8mm
Rings Type: Wedding Bands
color: Black
USA size: size 7 8 9 10 11 12

How to care for your ring

Care for your ring like you would any other ring. To clean your ring - just wipe it clean. Do not soak in abrasive or corrosive material. The wood inlay is made from wood and could change it's shape.



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