Care for the ring


Each ring is an original hand crafted. We do not fabricate these ring and they are not machine made. These rings take about 2 week to make. From pouring the resin bold to sanding the wood and resin down takes days. Each ring has to be uniquely made for you. We ensure the quality and integrity is there during these days of creation. They are also individually crafted to your finger size. Your wooden ring is hand made for you and hand finished to perfection.

The Secret Wood ring can last many years. These rings are not treated with any chemicals.


Care for the Ring

Take them off when washing your hands or when coming into contact with water or cleaning products. Since the ring is made from wood and we don't treat it with chemicals - having the wood near water could allow the wood to absorb the water. This is not the best for any wooden ring. Keep the ring dry and away from any water. These rings have a very long life and can last for generations. They are extremely durable.


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