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Our Secret World Wood Rings - Made with Resin & Wood

We understand that there's an artist for every uniquely crafted ring. Our team has collaborated with craftsman from around the globe to make mystical resin wood rings. These craftsmen are working collaboratively with Secret World Ring to come up with new designs all the time. With your support, we've grown in the past year and have built enthusiastic individuals who enjoy our stylistic products as well as get in touch with the stories they tell.

Exactly where did we obtain our inspiration

Watching popular shows like Game Of Thrones or even a movie Harry Potter we capture the magical scenes in a ring. Creating hand-made mystical scenes are like little-compacted gifts that one can get lost in when looking at these unique rings. We know that wearing uniquely hand crafted wood resin rings brings a beautiful sense of style to your everyday accessories. Our team of the artist had the concept to generate something that had never existed before - a unique creation full of mystery where one can get lost in.

One-of-a-kind hand crafted style

The jewelry I create combines the beautiful scenery in attributes as well as the magical sense. Using a unique resign technique, molded and sculpted to the wood. Resign is then sanded down to produce one-of-a-kind shape. Our rings are bold and make a statement! This was our goal. These bands are naturally created, and no pair of are the same. The natural environments enhance their appeal. In the end the wood is durable and give some tranquility with little scenes. These rings are for environment enthusiasts since they are environment-friendly and use spare or scrap wood that would otherwise be discarded.

The method is lengthy and also dragged out one. It is certainly not developed coming from a mold. Each is hand crafted. The procedure is time-consuming however worth this, as it provides each part a stunning landscapes. The item range is large and also extremely versatile featuring rings, necklaces, and jewelry. As a result of the unique layout utilized, all the bands could be readjusted in dimension to far better fit their individual. The jewelry is fashionable, authentic, distinct, sophisticated, as well as one-of-a-kind-- from daring declaration items to parts more dainty as well as extremely versatile. Alongside durability, sustaining creativity as well as the artist community is incredibly necessary to us.




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