Blue Mystery Forest Wooden Resin Ring

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The Ocean Is Everything I Want To Be. Beautiful, Mysterious, Wild and Free 

This ring is made of light blue resin and white “sand”. The base is red balau, a tropical timber found throughout Asia.

This ring is made from wood and resin and is based on a series of Mystical World Wood Rings. Each one is hand made and made to order. Some say this ring has a little mystical scene inside that resembles Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. We like to think that a whole world of mystery lays inside each ring. 

Please allow us 3 weeks to create each one of these unique rings and for shipping. They are all individually hand crafted from wood and resin. Since these are hand made each ring has a unique a mystical landscape inside each ring. Check the ring size for availability.

Each ring is carefully packaged and sent to you. For the longevity of the ring - do not soak it in water. 


  • All our rings are handmade by craftsmen. Each ring is unique and different from one another. 
  • Our rings take approximately 7 days in production. Please plan accordingly. 
  • We ship worldwide to all countries. 
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